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Cakgames Cookies

Cakgames cookies is a credit point you will get during playing games.Everytime you earn cookies,it will be automatically saved to your account.(You need to register or login to access cakgames cookies)

You can use it for premium game transaction. For instance you play a racing game that needs 100coins to buy a new engine,but you do not have enough coins, you can trade your cookies for coins! (Number of cookies needed is depending on games). 
Play  premium games now to use your cookies!

You do not have enough cookies to trade? don't worry!
There are several easy ways to earn free cookies:
  1. Register
  2. Post A Comment 
  3. Play A Game 
  4. Submit Highscores 
  5. Rate A Game
  6. Play Premium Games
  7. Play Awards Games

In order to achieve cakgames award you need to play our premium games. Each time you receive award you will get a special sticker that will stored in your account. It may not easy to achieve, but you will proud of yourself once you get them! They are also printable! (You need to register or login to access cakgames award)

If you have any further question or report for error(s) please kindly contact us